The two guys you always forget, but you have to have on your hackathon team

This weekend I participated in the hack.summit() virtual hackathon 2016 along 5 other guys – one from UK, one from Switzerland, two from India, and another one who was silent on Slack for the whole time.

We were 6 guys skilled for back-end. Guess what? We failed. The thing we missed the most was someone to articulate our technical ideas.

We missed a marketer with copy-writing skills. Someone who could take our ideas and describe our project. Someone who could write anything more than “lorem ipsum” texts in our presentation. Someone who could write. Yeah. Our texts were that bad.

And also we missed a designer. Our web app design was made from pieces. It kinda resembled a bootstrap template, but also a template made in Our app it looked, well, awful, with no clear flow nor form.

I learned a lot during this weekend. In my next post I will write more things that can harm the success of a hackaton team.

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