How I fell in love with JavaScript

A few weeks ago I heard about Code Fights during an interview at a cool web development firm. Those guys rocked it hard, told me the HR girl. I tried a few practice rounds against bots just to see how I compare to them. Math, bugfixes, code recovery and free code, all timed. It was fun.

Then I discovered challenges. Oh my. Challenges. Gotta love challenges. Solve a problem writing the shortest code possible. I tried my hands at a few with PHP, it was so … verbose. JS Gods rocked with 60-70 chars and I barely got under 120 chars in PHP. Up until then I pretty much hated JavaScript.

The moment I pressed my first “See solution” on one of the top guys’ code, I became a better coder. It changed my perspective. JavaScript was so easy, so clean, so concise. It knocked me out of my socks. Arrow functions? Wow. Rest parameters? Magic.

Code Fights presented me JavaScript in a light I would have never seen. Now I’m at a hackathon doing a nodejs app!

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