How NOT to pass The Symfony Dependency Injection Container as an argument

This is the (almost undocumented) best practice for using the dependency injection container in Symfony, so Sensiolabs Insights won’t return an error that states “The Symfony Dependency Injection Container should not be passed as an argument“. Any class that needs to use the container service should implement the ContainerAwareInterface interface and in addition use the […]

Howdy – an awesome bot for Slack

It can ask questions and centralize answers, schedule questions, be trained for custom interactions, and even make you smile! 🙂 Here’s a sample of what Howdy can do: You thought that’s awesome? Checkout this. All you need to do in your Slack #channel is: /invite @howdy

How to put some JavaScript in your JavaScript template: Jade

if we want to use any JavaScript at template compilation time—in other words, to write executable JavaScript code that manipulates the output of the Jade (i.e., HTML)—we can use the -, =, or != symbols. This might come in handy when we output HTML elements and inject JavaScript. Obviously, these types of things should be […]