Howdy – an awesome bot for Slack

It can ask questions and centralize answers, schedule questions, be trained for custom interactions, and even make you smile! 🙂 Here’s a sample of what Howdy can do: You thought that’s awesome? Checkout this. All you need to do in your Slack #channel is: /invite @howdy

How I fell in love with JavaScript

A few weeks ago I heard about Code Fights during an interview at a cool web development firm. Those guys rocked it hard, told me the HR girl. I tried a few practice rounds against bots just to see how I compare to them. Math, bugfixes, code recovery and free code, all timed. It was […]

How to put some JavaScript in your JavaScript template: Jade

if we want to use any JavaScript at template compilation time—in other words, to write executable JavaScript code that manipulates the output of the Jade (i.e., HTML)—we can use the -, =, or != symbols. This might come in handy when we output HTML elements and inject JavaScript. Obviously, these types of things should be […]

Hello world!

This is not my first blog, but it still feels like an adventure. I’m gonna write about technologies that inspire me. Happy reading!